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Cité Évangélique Philadelphie | cephi | Communauté Pentecôtiste

Our Leaders 

Pastors Céphas Ngoy and Justice Banza

Pastors Justice and Céphas are the Parents in the faith of the Cité Évangélique Philadelphie | CEPHI, they are members and are also representing the Pentecostal and charismatic churches of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Following the Pastors leadership and their heart for the lost and suffering, CEPHI Cares continues to provide food, love and support to the broken and hurting.

In 2020, CEPHI Cares distributed food parcels, providing to people with enough food for a month. CEPHI Cares also distributes to some less fortunate families in the Hewa Bora area in the City of Lubumbashi, with many more community projects underway as we are determined to contribute in to the eradication poverty in our country!

Meet Pastor Justice

Pastor Justice is the Visionary, an Overseer and one of the dynamic founders and a Senior Pastor of CEPHI Church. She is one of the fighters for Christianity in the Democratic Republic of Congo, unashamed and determined in her mission to win the lost at any cost!

Born in the southern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pastor Justice grew up in Lubumbashi, in the Haut-Katanga Province. In 2007 she received the call into ministry while in her father's local Church. Today, she continues to run the race with the same level of energy and vigour as when she started on her very first day!

Together with her husband Pastor Céphas, they founded the 1st CEPHI Church in Lubumbashi in 2007, which led to the establishment of CEPHI Kinshasa in the beginning of 2021, starting with less than thirty members. Read more