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Cité Évangélique Philadelphie | cephi | Communauté Pentecôtiste

Mission, Vision, Mandate & Slogan

Cité Évangélique Philadelphie | CEPHI believes in the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, teaches the Word of God and its principles, aims to promote the observance and practice of our teachings based on God's Word, the Bible. 

Our Mission 

Mend the nets, the catch will be great.

CEPHI is a thriving Church, continually making Jesus more famous as they plunder hell and populate heaven.

We are called with a purpose, this is who we are, this is what we do.

Our Vision

Building one church in many locations, nationally and globally.

Our Mandate

Win the lost at any cost!

Our Slogan

CEPHI the place to be!  Read more